Your donations are making a difference!

Wow! Back in March when I casually mentioned to Rebecca that I’d like to set up   ‘something like a foodbank, but with baby stuff’, I never imagined that just a few months later we would be helping families in need.

It’s been a crazy few months! We’ve both had to juggle the demands of family and our regular day jobs with organising storage, a website, posters and more importantly, making contact with local agencies to get our name known.

What makes me feel especially proud is the response of people in Windsor to our mad-cap scheme. The generosity of local parents has astounded us, whether through donating good quality baby clothes and equipment, some of it brand new, or through helping with practical jobs like photography and web design. Thank you so much from us both. It makes us proud to live in such a caring town.

As a result we have helped a number of local families by providing the full newborn starter kit and even more with individual items such as buggies and sterilisers.

There are are other baby banks doing similar work in other parts of the country and we see them as allies, sharing ideas and tips for funding and pointing out the potential pitfalls of starting up. We are now advising a new scheme in Bristol so we’ve come full circle.

I’ll stop there for now as I could go on all day (can you tell that we love this project?!). Next time, I’ll talk about our plans for the future.

Amy x

(One half of Baby Bank Windsor!)