What We Do

We collect good-quality second-hand clothes, equipment and furniture for families in need. Here are some of the ways we support local families.

Newborn Starter Kits

Inspired by Finland’s baby boxes and the trend for a baby shower celebration, we can provide expectant mums with a ‘newborn starter kit’. Our newborn starter kits contain essential items for mother and baby to help with those difficult early months. From clothing and bedding to nappies and wipes, we collect it all and pack it into a Moses basket and baby bath.

Essential Supplies

We hold a store of baby items such as cots, pushchairs, bottles and slings. These are donated upon specific requests from referring agencies.

Clothing Bundles

We provide bundles of clothes for babies, toddlers and even children up to the age of 16 (occasionally up to 18 years). But we don’t just provide clothing for children, we also donate maternity and nursing clothing for expectant and breastfeeding mothers.

Table-top Sales

From time to time we may have a surplus of some items and a deficit of others. If this occurs, we hold a table top sale or use our Facebook page to raise funds to purchase essential items.


We accept financial donations, which we use to buy more essential supplies for families in extreme need. Visit the Donations section of the website to learn more and find out how you can contribute to The Baby Bank.