Do you offer a collection service for items I want to donate?
We do not currently offer a collection service.
How do I know what you need?

The easiest way to find what we’ve been up to and what our current needs are is by liking or following us on Facebook. You can also sign up to receive emails or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Do you have a list of what you accept and what quality do the items have to be in?

We post regular updates to our Facebook page with items we are accepting, or you can take a look on the Donation Guide section of our website. Items must be in excellent preloved or new condition. If you would give it to your best friend, then we will take it!

Do I need to clean the items I am donating?
Yes please. We are a small team of volunteers, and we work in a small space with little room to clean. For further information please refer to our checklist.
What else can I donate?
New mums deserve a bit of looking after too. The occasional treat – such as some chocolate, a nice shower gel or soothing hand cream – is always appreciated.

We also accept sealed sanitary products which we include in the bundles. Sadly, purchasing these necessities is simply not an option for all.

Where and when can I drop off items?

You can arrange a time to make a drop off, or come in on one of our regular donation days. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out when they are.

What will you buy with cash donations?
Cash donations are used to buy items that must be bought new – such as car seats, mattresses, safety harnesses for buggies and high chairs, teats for bottles and potties.

If we have bid for charity funds (i.e. from Tesco) we nominate how the money will be spent – for example towards our rent and running cost.

What happens to our donations?
Once we have received the items we will check them and sort them into relevant boxes – clothes, nappies, wipes, toiletries, etc. We check the clothes for stains, rips and tears. Then we make up seasonal bundles of clothes within certain age ranges.
What happens after I make a referral?
Once we have received a referral from a referral partner we start to make up their requested items. If there are any items requested that we do not have, we might put a request out on Facebook for donations. Once the items are ready, we will contact the referrer to arrange a time for collection. (In exceptional circumstances, we might arrange to drop them off to the family ourselves.)

If you have made a referral to us we will contact you within 48hrs to confirm receipt of request and arrange collection. If it is an urgent request please let us know. We can also be contacted on 07704 919184.

You are not based near me. Where is my nearest Baby Bank?
There are Baby Banks located all over the UK. Use the map to find your nearest service: