Do you offer a collection service for items I want to donate?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a collection service.

How do I know what you need?

We use social media to update our current needs list. If you are unsure or have questions please email us at info@thebabybank.org

What quality do the items have to be in?

Items must be throughly cleaned and ready for immediate use, clothing must be sorted by age into clearly labelled bags . They must be under 10yrs of age. Please check here for safety guidelines

Where and when can I drop off items?

You can arrange a time to make a drop off, or come in on one of our regular donation days. Follow us on Facebook to find out when they are.

Our donation days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though hours will vary through school holidays/ bank holidays.

What will you buy with cash donations?

Cash donations are used to buy items that must be bought new – such as car seats, mattresses, safety harnesses for buggies and high chairs, teats for bottles and potties.

If we have bid for charity funds (i.e. from Tesco) we nominate how the money will be spent – for example towards our rent and running cost.

What if you can't use the donations?

Occasionally we may be unable to use items donated to us, we reserve the right to sell these items and use the funds to help us support local families.

You are not based near me. Where is my nearest Baby Bank?

There are Baby Banks located all over the UK. Use the map to find your nearest service: